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Welcome to our Informational Non-certificate Webinars Page. These recordings provide a quick way to learn information on topics of interest to you as a parent. The podcasts and webinars are made with persons who have expertise in the area of adoption, foster care, and parenting. Some of the recorded webinars you may review will have a message that a training certificate will be mailed to you within 3 days. This was true for people that participated in the live webinar at the time it was recorded. It is not correct now. If you need a certificate for completing a webinar please click on the Virtual Certificate Training link and follow the instructions. Thank you for your interest in the services available at the Georgia Center for Resources and Support.

1-2-3-Magic (01:00:24)
Adoption Checklist (1:09:56)
Alison Larkin (50:27)
Anger Management (1:01:36)
Attachment 101 (00:51:25)
Autism: Behavior is Communication (00:53:54)
Avoiding Disruption (01:05:49)
Behavior Triggers - C.Spivey (00:51:56)
Birth Order (01:03:00)
Calm Parenting (00:59:50)
Credits, Deductions & Dependents (01:08:46)
Developmental Disabilities (00:50:26)
Family Affair (1:05:37)
Forever Families (1:21:51)
Georgia Adoption Law - Ina Johnson Cook, Attorney at Law (53:57)
Growing Up Black in White with Kevin Hofmann, author (01:02:40)
Hair (00:33:00)
Healing Homes (00:58:48)
Helping Your Child Embrace Their Identity (01:02:07)
Hidden Disabilities (59:28)
Holiday Stress (00:59:34)
How to Develop a Behavior Support Plan (00:52:00)
How to Start a Parent Support Group (01:03:34)
Importance of Lifebooks (00:55:26)
I'm Talking...Are They Listening? (00:57:55)
Internet Security (1:03:08)
Life After Adoption - Resources (00:54:02)
Lifebooks: Why Every Child Needs One (01:05:17)
Navigating the IEP System (00:55:23)
Open Adoption (59:38)
Partnership Parenting (57:14)
Resources for Developmental Disabilities (1:00:59)
Sensory Processing Disorder (00:59:57)
Shaken Baby (00:59:53)
Single Parent (1:04:36)
Sibling Rivalry (1:00:59)
Stress and Our Kids (01:02:38)
Talking About Adoption with Your Child (01:05:55)
Teens (46:54)
The Impact of Nutrition on Children with ADD and Autism (1:07:20)
Tips & Tools for Parenting a Child With a Disability: FAS (01:00:39)
Transition Guidelines - When Children Move from a Foster Home to an Adoptive Home with Rachel Ewald (52:32)