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April 2021 Newsletter

Child Support After Adoption 

Birth parents frequently ask, “Do I still owe child support if my child has been adopted?” The simple answer is no, but there a few things that you should still understand about child support and adoption. 
First and foremost, an adoption legally terminates parental rights. Once the child is adopted, whether by a stepparent or a third party, the birth parents’ parental obligations and rights are terminated, including the responsibility of financially supporting the child. The child support obligation ends, however, not when the birth parent surrenders his or her rights, but when the adoption is finalized and the order is filed with the court. In other words, expect to pay child support until the child’s adoption is finalized. 
Additionally, an adoption does not erase arrears of child support. Accrued arrears, which are monies due for child support as mandated by a valid court judgment, are still due and owed. No adoption decree will eradicate these outstanding payments in child support. So, prepare to continue paying back child support even after your child is adopted.
Furthermore, your obligation to pay child support will not automatically end at a final hearing. After the final hearing, it is imperative that you contact the office that handles child support in your state and provide the appropriate documents to terminate the support, which usually will be the final order of adoption terminating parental rights. In the state of Georgia, the appropriate office to contact is the Division of Child Support Services.
While this article provides a general overview of how adoption may affect your child support responsibility, it is important to know how adoption will affect your specific child support obligations. To ensure your questions and concerns are fully answered, please contact Christina E. Campbell of The Campbell Law Practice, LLC to discuss your adoption needs.


Applications for Special Needs Reimbursements

Governor Brian P. Kemp and the Georgia Department of Education have opened the applications for the Families of Children with Special Needs Reimbursement through May 14.

“In my State of the State Address this year, I announced that Georgia would set aside $10 million in Governor's Emergency Education Relief funds to offset costs that parents of students with special needs faced due to COVID-19. As we launch these applications, we are taking the first step in fulfilling that promise," said Governor Kemp. "I am proud of the partnership between my office, State School Superintendent Richard Woods, the Georgia Department of Education, and state leaders for working to improve the lives of Georgia’s most vulnerable students. These reimbursements will help families overcome financial challenges faced during an unprecedented school year as we begin returning to normal in Georgia.”

The Governor’s Office, the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, and the Georgia Department of Education have worked in recent months to determine the best way to help those most severely impacted in a population of over 222,000 students with special needs throughout the state. Ten million dollars has been designated to assist these students with the highest needs for expenses incurred due to school closings during the pandemic.

Expenses that have been identified as eligible for reimbursement are those that are necessary to meet the challenges these students face regarding educational achievement, personal development, and emotional wellbeing.

Click the link below to apply today!

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