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Georgia Families 360 Care Coordination Team:

Sept. 4th 1:30 pm, Sept. 5th 1:00 pm, Sept. 11th 1:00 pm, Sept. 18th 1:00 pm, Sept. 26th 10:00 am.

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Georgia Families 360 Program Overview for Adoption Assistance:

Sept. 4th 3:00 pm, Sept. 5th 10:00 am, Sept. 11th 10:30 am, Sept. 18th 11:30 am, Sept. 19th 11:30 am, Sept. 26th 1:30 pm.

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Georgia Families 360 Behavior Health Referral Process: 

Sept. 5th 11:30 am, Sept. 11th 9:00 am, Sept. 19th 1:30 pm, Sept. 25th 10:00 am

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EPSDT  Understanding Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) & Medical Consents and Timelines:

Sept. 5th 2:30 pm, Sept. 18th 9:00 am    Sept. 25th   3:00 pm, Sept. 26th 11:30-



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sept. 24th 10:00 am:

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Asthma Overview: 

Sept. 17th 1:00 pm,                                                                                               

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Sept. 17th 9:00 am

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Overview of Trauma Informed Care:

Sept. 10th 1:00 pm.

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What is CSEC? Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children:

 Sept. 17th 10:00

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Overview of Bipolar Disorder:

Sept. 17th 11:30 am

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