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Special Services Adoption Assistance is NOW available if your child(ren) meet specific eligibility criteria.


Special Services Adoption Assistance  may be used to provide time-limited or one-time-only funding for a needed service when no other family or community resource is available. Special Services may include, but are not limited to funding for medical services, therapy/counseling services, dental/orthodontic services, respite services, or other services related to the child’s special needs.


Application for Special Services must be submitted to the Social Services Administration Unit (SSAU) and must relate to the Special Needs of the child. The Child must recieve monthly assistance based on a specialized rate. It must be documented that the specialized rate does not meet the child's needs before a request for special services may be considered. The application may be submitted prior to adoption finalization.


Funds are Limited and may not be available to every child during the fiscal year.


Contact your post adoption services case worker to apply. If you have any questions, contact the SSAU at


To Watch the Webinar about Special Services Adoption Assistance Click Here